The Princess & the Frog (Clement & Musker, 2009)

Look! It's an alligator! He's playing the trumpet!
How funny is that?!
What's it about? A voodoo curse turns both hard-working waitress Tiana and vain Prince Naveen into frogs. Together they must break the spell, assisted by a Cajun firefly and a trumpet-playing alligator.

Is it any good? Absolutely - a worthy addition to the Disney canon. The story is a simple but engaging update of The Frog Prince. The animation is beautiful, the infectiously toe-tapping songs drive the story along, the sidekicks are funny, the villain is scary and it even has the balls to throw an unexpected death into the mix. Maybe it could have had a couple more firefly fart jokes for the kids (okay, for me), but otherwise wonderfully entertaining.

Anything else I should know? There is no film in existence that could not be made better by the inclusion of a trumpet-playing alligator.

What does the Fonz think? It'll put a spell on you.

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