Pinocchio (Ferguson, Hee et al, 1940)

What's it about? Did you even have a childhood? Wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy? The Blue Fairy? Nose that grows when he lies? Any of this ring a bell?

Is it any good? Of course. A timeless classic - funny, touching, exciting. I particularly enjoyed the entirely unexplained plot development in which Gepetto and his pets somehow vanish from their village in the Italian Alps and get swallowed by nothing less than a monstrous whale. Great songs too, including "When You Wish Upon a Star", "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me)" and "I've Got No Strings".

I don't trust you. What do others think? Find someone who says they don't like Pinocchio and watch as their nose grows and grows.

Anything else I should know? One of the directors is called T. Hee. Now that's funny.

What does the Fonz think? Classic, and that's no lie.

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