[Rec] (Balaguero & Plaza, 2007)

What's it about? A TV presenter and cameraman tag along with a local fire engine crew to film their rescue of a woman trapped in an apartment. Unfortunately the woman seems rather disturbed and has a taste for blood....

Is it any good? One of those hand-held, camcorder footage films, which viewers will either (a) buy into (b) suffer motion sickness or (c) wonder why they don't just put the camera down, quit filming and run away. If you do go along with it, this is good stuff, nicely played, nicely paced and with a few good BOO! moments.

Anything else I should know? Obviously, an entirely inferior and unnecessary US remake exists. Avoid Quarantine (2008) and stick with the Spanish original. If you are too tight-fisted to buy it, the entire film is on YouTube here. It's only 70 mins long - sure what else would you be doing?

What does the Fonz think? I [Rec]commend it.

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