Bombon: El Perro (Carlos Sorin, 2004)

What's it about? A recently umemployed man adopts a dog and finds a new lease of life.

Is it any good? A gentle little tale with a big heart, which refreshingly subverts your expectations of where you think the story might be going and opts instead for a gentle celebration of friendship and human decency. And at its centre is a simply wonderful performance from Juan Villegas, whose quiet demeanour and expressive, puppy-dog eyes convey a thousand emotions. Not a lot happens, but it'll make you feel warm inside.

Anything else I should know? Makes for a lighter companion piece to the neo-realist classic Umberto D, which also focused on a man and his dog, used non-professional actors and was set amongst the poor working class.

What does the Fonz think? One man and his dog. Lovely.

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