A Blatant Act of Self-Promotion

So it's Northern Ireland Science Festival time again. With over 180 events across 50+ venues, the 2019 Festival offers a wide range of events focusing on the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all presented by scientists from NI and beyond. One of whom is me!

On Sunday 17th February, in the Black Box, Belfast, I take to the stage to present 'Fright Night: The Science of Horror Movies'. Like some sort of mad movie scientist, it's an attempt to splice together biology and film to see what sort of unholy creation emerges. Plus my psychiatrist says I should talk about these things, so it's a sort of therapy also.

The night before, in the Nerve Centre, Derry, I'm delighted to be introducing the film Alien as part of the day-long Trapped in Space/ Night of Aliens event, run by young people as part of the S-Team Takeover Initiative.

Both events are sold out, so I suppose I better actually crack on with preparing something. However, if you can't make it, here's a little taster, courtesy of the Mark Patterson Show on Foyleside Radio. Yes, they actually let me on the radio. Live. Now that is scary.

Listen to me, if you dare, around the 1.00 hr mark Yes, I know I sound a bit weird.

Right, I'm off to prepare the presentations. First, though, I need to grab my faulty torch to investigate that weird sound from the cellar. I'll be right back....

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