If at first you don't succeed...

So the Oscars turned out to be uneventful enough. Except for all that craziness at the end, which you'll be hearing about, well, forever. If you missed it, catch up here.

Anyhow, one person who won't give a fiddler's about LaLa-Light-Gate is Kevin O'Connell.
"Who?", I hear you cry. He's a sound mixer, you know, one of those anonymous people that get awards before the famous people on Oscar night.
Except of course, O'Connell never has, even though he's been nominated 20 (Yes, TWENTY!!!!) times before for an Oscar.

But this morning he's the proud, and presumably very drunk, owner of a little gold, bald guy now, after winning for Hacksaw Ridge.

Well done Kevin. 21st time lucky, as the old saying goes.

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