Sausage Party (Vernon & Tiernan, 2016)

What's it about? Frank (voiced by Seth Rogen) is a sausage in a packet of sausages on a supermarket shelf. Brenda the hot-dog bun (voiced by Kristen Wiig) is his girlfriend. Along with the rest of the foodstuffs they await the glorious day they are 'chosen' by customers and go to a better place beyond the front doors. Until one returned jar of mustard reveals the terrible truth about these human 'Gods'.....

Is it any good? You know the way Pixar do the 'What if X had feelings' concept, where X is toys, bugs, fish etc? Well, in this case X is food, but the difference is that the X in Pixar never really stood for X-rated. Be warned, Sausage Party is definitely not one for the kids, with more profanity, sex and crudeness than you could shake a big wiener at. And some of it is pretty funny, even if many of the cheap laughs are easier than your ma. But wait a fucking moment! What the friggin' hell is this shit? Poking its turtle-head out of all the filth is what looks like an interesting religious satire, with a smattering of smart observations on God(s), faith, belief structures, cultural (in)tolerance and global (dis)harmony from the likes of bagel Sammy (Edward Norton), lavash Kareem (David Krumholtz), taco Teresa (Salma Hayek) and wise old bottle of liquor (Bill Hader), among many others. Fuck me! Perhaps this is actually a much cleverer movie than you might expect from a movie about potty-mouthed food? Well, it might have been, had they continued to focus in on that satirical element. Sadly, as the film progresses, that turtle-head is pushed under in favour of increasingly tiresome and scattergun rude stuff, and a frantic chase scene. By the time the food orgy rolls round, the shock value has lost its taste and it all feels a bit undercooked. My review will hopefully not fall into the same trap.


What does the Fonz think? Piss the fuck off.

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