Captain America: Civil War (Joe & Anthony Russo, 2016)

What's it about? The Avengers fall out over the thorny issue of collateral damage and split into Team Cap and Team Iron Man, but is there more at play here? For maximum understanding, best to brush up on the previous two Captain America films, the Avengers films, Ant-Man and the notorious Saipan Incident.

Is it any good? A pretty good dramatization of the time captain Roy Keane fell out with Mick McCarthy at the 2002 World Cup and broke ranks with the Irish team over his strong beliefs. The film recreates how various prominent figures, pundits and politicians publicly castigated the captain, whilst many others weighed in to support him, in effect causing a 'civil war' in Ireland. Perhaps inevitably, some dramatic license has been taken in portraying the roles of stoic Steve Staunton (Iron Patriot), wise peacemaker Niall Quinn (Vision), impish Damien Duff (Spiderman), unpredictable David Connolly (Winter Soldier), svelte Gary Breen (Black Panther) and wise-cracking little man Eamon Dunphy (Ant-Man) amongst others, but this is probably to be expected in the journey to the screen. However, in the sinister, yet strangely pitiful, figure of Baron Zemo, who is the root of the problem, they really have done justice to the Machiavellian scheming of the talentless, but very driven John Delaney. Anyhow, as with the real events, the film was all entertaining stuff with enough substance to make you variously think, laugh, scoff, punch the air and, yes, pick a side. And like the real incident, plenty of scope to rumble on and on and on and on....

Anything else I should know? Watch out for people who tell you this film is actually based on a much loved Marvel comic book. They can stick it up their bollocks.

What does the Fonz think? Warning! Review may not be fact-checked

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