Deadpool (Tim Miller, 2016)

What's it about? Wise-cracking solider-turned-mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) agrees to undergo a special treatment to cure his terminal cancer. It works, and gives him superpowers in the process, but leave him horribly disfigured. Out for revenge, he dons a mask and becomes....CAPTAIN DEADPOOL!!! No, wait, just Deadpool. 

Is it any good? Violent, profane, lewd, crude, puerile and.......really quite funny and entertaining. Sure, a few of the jokes and innuendo (in your endo *snigger*) come across like a teenage stand-up trying too hard to offend, but there's some funny stuff in here too as Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, makes pop culture references and sends up the comic-book super-hero genre. Thanks to a likeable and self-deprecating performance from Reynolds, Deadpool's smart-ass (ass *snigger*) attitude keeps just the right side of irritating and the snappy action is handled comfortably by former special-effects guy Miller.  It's all good, fun, and so I'm prepared to overlook the causal sexism and misogyny, which isn't really a problem, cos the opening credits show that it's all, like, ironic, don't you think? The endless joking aorund and wise-cracking does undermine the emotional core of the story, however - dealing with terminal cancer and horrendous scarring never seemed so easy. Plus, it's certainly not as subversive or satirical as it might have been in skewering the comic-book world properly. But it succeeds in its primary aim to amuse and is a vast improvement on both Reynold's first outing as Deadpool in the lamentable X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Clint Eastwood's last outing as Dirty Harry. (Dirty Harry? More like Farty Harry *snigger*).

Anything else I should know? Never heard of Deadpool? Well, here's a bit of background from the Marvel wiki. On this evidence, expect about sixty-nine sequels. (Sixty-nine, *snigger*). If you really want to geek out, here's the short DC Universe Online film by Miller that got him the Deadpool gig, which features about a million super-hero characters. Also, boobies (*snigger*)


What does the Fonz think? Dirty Ryan makes my day.

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