The King of Pigs (Yeon Sang-ho, 2011)

*Watched as part of the Asia-thon 2016 Film Project*

What's it about? An animated South Korean film about two old school-friends who meet up and recall their unhappy days at school where they were bullied by the privileged rich kids in their class.

Is it any good? Yes, but it's not a happy watch. Instead it's a pretty nihilistic anime about bullying amongst social classes in a school, and the subsequent effects on the victims in adulthood. As we flash back and forth in time, we find that none of the characters are particularly likeable, but their situation is compelling and affecting nonetheless. Comparisons with Lord of the Flies are inevitable, but the Korean setting and a distinctive animated style gives this a particular flavour of its own,  Also serves as a good reminder to clean your willy.

Anything else I should know? The Asia-thon 2016 Film Project is my New Year's resolution to watch more films from the Far East, a project which is both laudable and insufferably pretentious. A full list of films viewed can be found here.

What does the Fonz think? A bully start to the project

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