Inside Out (Docter & del Carmen, 2015)

What's it about? Pixar's latest offering takes inside 11-year old Riley's head to see how her emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are affected when her family move home.

Is it any good? Let's get inside my own head and review my own emotional response.

Joy: It's pretty damn great ;  funny, clever, moving and, of course, absolutely wonderful to look at. Concepts like train of thought, dreams, imaginary friends, memory and the subconscious, to name but a few, are visualised in madly inventive fashion as the antics within Riley's brain determine her actions in the real world in a thoroughly enjoyable tale. It's thought-provoking too, as it explores just how adults and children view the world differently, and it might just leave you pondering on who works the controls in your own head and what your own islands of personality are.

Sadness: A tear was shed and a laugh was had, but it doesn't quite hit the emotional sobbing-uncontrollably or laughing-hysterically heights of the best Pixar films. And there's a feeling they have played it slightly safe here - the end credit sequences suggest a number of inventive tangents that were jettisoned in favour of a more streamlined story, which feels a bit like a missed opportunity to inject some really subversive and mind-bending stuff in here. I'm sad they didn't.

Anger: Subversive? Mind-bending? What the hell are you talking about? It's a family film, you blithering idiot, you don't need to be putting all sorts of psychological hang-ups and mental issues in there, just to satisfy some unattainable film utopia that exists only in this tiny shit-hole of place you call a mind!!! Asshole!!  

Fear: I wonder will anyone even read this. What if they think I'm crap? I'm not sure I could handle that. I'll just hide here.

Disgust : I suppose you think you're soooooo clever with this type of meta-review. Like no-one has eeeevvver thought of doing that before. You know, like, 6 MONTHS AGO WHEN THE FILM WAS ACTUALLY RELEASED and people who are real film fans went to see it and then write better reviews than this. Jesus, you really are pathetic at this. You don't even know whether we, your emotions, should be referring you 'You' or 'I'. Moron.

I don't trust you, or your crazy emotions. What do others think? Universal acclaim and strong momentum building for a serious tilt at Best Picture (not just Best Animated Film) at the Oscars 2016. Safe to say people liked it. Except children, who got a bit bored, because it didn't have toys in it. But what would they know?

Anything else I should know? Confused by your feelings? Here's a  handy chart to help you understand why you're feeling what you're feeling....

What does the Fonx think? Where the Riley Things Are

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