Kids Corner #1 - The Love Bug

What is the Kids Corner? Presenting the first entry in an occasional series wherein I select fondly remembered films from my childhood and make my kids watch them so they too can fondly remember them in the future. This will increase family bonding, build character and will hopefully not end in a screaming row, like the den-building incident. So when the notion takes me, they will be dragged away from their friends and games and homework and will sit obediently by my side and/or look pityingly upon me as I wallow in nostalgia. First up...

The Love Bug (Robert Stevenson, 1968) was the first appearance of Herbie, the lovable VW beetle with a mind of its own. Here, he turns around the fortunes of struggling race-car driver (Dean Jones) as he takes to the race-track, plays match-maker and gets drunk. I loved seeing this as a youngster. I particularly love the happy music that kicks in for those aerial shots and the splendidly mustachioed David Tomlinson as the pantomime villain, so I'm prepared to overlook Buddy Hackett's painful gurning, the borderline racism and the fact that Herbie is a clearly psychotic character who blatantly cheats his way to victory in the final race. Indeed, like some sort of unstoppable killer, he would return in 3 sequels and 2 remakes to enchant a new generation of viewers.

The Kids are All Right?
No.1 (9yo): "That was good!"
No.2 (6yo): "Can Kerby talk? And what's wrong with that man's face?"
No.3 (18mth): Left after 1 minute, dragging Peppa Pig toy. Unavailable for comment.

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