Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, 2014)

What's it about? A morose trio of eco-warriors (Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, Peter Sarsgaard) plan to stick it to The Man by blowing up a dam. But, like, in a really irritating, schmumblecore kind of way.

Is it any good? Not really. It's slow-moving affair which purports to examine the consequences of ones actions, but does so in a very dull way which involves lots of talk about vegetables and fertilizer. Some suspense to be found in the central bomb-planting sequence, but hard to care about any of the characters since they don't really seem like very interesting or nice people. It has been described as an authentically minimalist film, but sometimes less is, well, less.
Watch the Gene Hackman Night Moves instead.

Anything else I should know? Incidentally, I love talking to eco-warriors about the environment and climate change. Makes me feel all warm outside.

What does the Fonz think? The Fonz in on holiday this week so we asked his pet beaver for his opinion.

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