John Wick (Stahelski & Leitch, 2014)

What's it about? Soon after the death of his wife, the grieving John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is attacked in his home by a gang of intruders. But, wouldn't you know it, turns out Wick is a legendary assassin and he's coming out of retirement to exact his revenge. Uh-oh. People die.

Is it any good? Not sure how this ended up in cinemas as it's obviously a video game, with some bogus expository cut-scenes to break up the bodacious action as Neo...sorry...Wick fights through various levels before getting to the Boss fight. Someone will probably adapt it into a film.

Anything else I should know? The first-time directors are both renowned Hollywood stuntmen and their obvious insider know-how means the extended action sequences are splendidly choreographed as Neo...sorry...Wick kills a shed-load of bad-guys in ruthlessly efficient style. Here's a handy chart which records all Neo's...sorry...Wick's killcount. Now 50, Reeves, sporting a snappy suit and a trim beard, still cuts a pretty cool figure, except when he has to act, of course. Mercifully, the directors don't seem to concerned about that, or about plot or dialogue, so he's safe enough. Expect a franchise.

What does the Fonz think? Save point break.

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