You may be surprised to hear this, but behind the innocent exterior appearance of this blog, there's exists numerous gadgets that track traffic and use of the site, such as the number of hits, referral websites and browser type. Thus, from my comfy chair in front of a panel of monitors, deep in the old, disused cave beneath my house, I can safely monitor the comings and goings of my readers, fans, stalkers and various lost internet souls as they use the blog. Perhaps the most revealing parameter is the Google searches that have led viewers to the site. Below, I list a selection of those search entries as a window onto the collective psyche of the average reader of this site.

the fast picture show

Movies with rabbits in

saddest pixar moments

brothel's near me

brothels near me

the fonz riding a shark

the last picture show

dark knight review 

amish online dating

actors with hitler mustache

how can I find brothels near me

midgets on trampoline

is popcorn bad for you?

ginger wanker 

movies with smoking in them

is it normal for my left nipple to be bigger than the other two?

is Sarah Jessica Parker a real person? 

show titties

bill murray

credible excuse to tell police for being caught in brothel.

pictures of naked Fonzie

All in all, it's just as well I got my good friend Edward Snowden to set up those spy webcams that kick in to record your activity when you log onto the site. It's for my own protection, you understand, but it comes at a price. The things I've seen.....

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