Festive Film Quiz

"I know this one, just give me a minute...."
Folks, put away your Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit and those new-fangled Boxy-Wii things. There's a new contest in town for you to fall out with your family over. Yes, it's the inaugural Fast Picture Show Festive Film Quiz! 10 themed rounds of 8 questions, making a grand total of 80 questions to test you film knowledge. To make it more interesting, or rather to make it interesting at all, feel free to turn it into a drinking game, whereby you take a drink for every question you get right, or indeed wrong. Good luck *lowers voice to ominous whisper* - you'll need it. Oh yes, you'll need it. Muwhahahahahaha!!!!

Disclaimer: The Fast Picture Show accepts no responsibility for any quiz-related arguments that result in name-calling, finger-pointing, hair-pulling, food-fights, fist-fights, sobbing in the toilets, dredging up of old family feuds, revelations of true parentage, or any incidents which result in injury, coma or death.


Round 1 : The Christmas Round
Given the season that’s in it, we’ll start off in festive form. The following locations all feature prominently in films set at Christmas time. Name the film in each case.

1. Bedford Falls
2. Nakatomi Plaza
3. Kingston Falls
4. Halloween Town
5. Whoville
6. Korvatunturi mountain, Finland.
7. Gotham City
8. The Griswold Family Home

Round 2 : In Recent Memory
All these relate to films released in 2013 – surely you can remember that far back?

1. In the latest Hobbit film, what is the name of the dragon?
2. Which Dame played a kindly Irish mother in a critically acclaimed film?
3. What animated sequel saw the return of Gru to our screens?
4. What won Best Picture at the Oscars in 2013?
5. Which French film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2013?
6. Complete the 2013 film title: Star Trek.....
7. A Johnny Depp film seen the return of which Wild West hero to the big screen?
8. The third film in the Cornetto trilogy was released this year. What was it called?

"I have no idea what you're
asking me"
Round 3 : Animal Magic
Because animals are people too.

1. In Every Which Way But Loose, what kind of animal was Clyde?
2. In Free Willy, what kind of animal was Willy?
3. In The Lion King, what kind of animal was Pumbaa?
4. In Animal Farm, what kind of animal was Benjamin?
5. In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, what kind of animal was Snowflake?
6. In Bringing Up Baby, what kind of animal was Baby?
7. In The Jungle Book, what kind of animal was Kaa?
8. In Kung Fu Panda, what kind of animal was Master Shifu?

Round 4 : Movie Maths
You’re allowed to use your fingers for this round. Calculate the answer from the movie clues.

1. Number of Eminem’s Mile multiplied by number of Mules for Sister Sara.
2. Number of Disney’s Dalmatian puppies minus number of Paul Greengrass’ United flight.
3. Number which Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest plus number of Men Out in White Sox baseball drama.
4. Number of Fellini’s 1963 epic plus number of Mickey Rourke’s weeks.
5. Number of Akira Kurosawa’s Samurai plus number of Takashi Miike’s Assassins.
6. Number of Things I Hate About You multiplied by number of Terry Gilliam’s Monkeys.
7. Number of Tom Hanks' Apollo minus number of South African sci-fi alien district.
8. Number of Sean Penn’s Grams minus number of Billy Wilder’s Stalag.

"You can't handle the
Round 5 : Movie Connections
Like connecting the dots. Only not really. Special guest Kevin Bacon sets the questions

1. What role links Laurence Olivier, Mel Gibson, Kenneth Branagh and Ethan Hawke?
2. Who comes next? Duran Duran, A-Ha, Gladys Knight, ........?
3. Why might Red, Body, City, and White make you think of Beverly Hills Cop?
4. Alain Delon, Matt Damon, John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper, Barry Pepper. What's the link?
5. What links directors Jim Sheridan, Paul Thomas Anderson and Steven Spielberg?
6. What actor links authors HG Wells, Anne Rice, John Grisham and Lee Child?
7. Dream Warriors, The Dream Master, The Dream Child. Which film franchise?
8. Complete the sequence: Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, ......?

Round 6 : Movie Quotes
What you talkin’ about, Willis? Name the film from the quote. 

1. “After all, tomorrow is another day”
2. “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”
3. “We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?”
4. "Go ahead, make my day."
5. "The stuff that dreams are made of"
6. "Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left!"
7. “Well, my name is Jim, but most people call me...Jim”
8. “You can't sell horse tranquilizers to a midget!”

Round 7 : Movie Stars Moonlighting in Music Videos
In each of the music videos for the following songs, a famous actor appears. Name them. Question masters, feel free to sing each song aloud in Club Singer style. Simples!

1. 'You Can Call Me Al' by Paul Simon
2. 'I Want Love' by Elton John
3. 'Weapon of Choice' by Fatboy Slim
4. 'The Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues
5. 'Since I Don’t Have You' by Guns ‘N’ Roses
6. 'Don’t Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin
7. 'Bad' by Michael Jackson
8. 'Walking on Broken Glass' by Annie Lennox

Round 8 : Movie Taglines
In some cases better than the actual film. Name the film these taglines accompanied.

1. "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water"
2. "Crime is a disease. Meet the cure"
3. "Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire."
4. "You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl."
5. "Be afraid. Be very afraid."
6. "We are not alone"
7. "A hero will rise"
8. "This ain’t no chick flick"

Round 9 : Golden Oldies
Wake up Granny there – she’ll know these ones.

1. In what film do Laurel and Hardy sing ‘On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine’?
2. What was the last film to feature Charlie Chaplin in his famous ‘Little Tramp’ role?
3. In which film do Fred Astaire and Gingers Rogers dance ‘Cheek to Cheek’?
4. "Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin'". The theme song to which classic Western?
5. Only one of Alfred Hitchcock’s films won the Best Picture Oscar. Which one?
6. A young girl arrives in a new country, immediately kills someone and ends up killing her victim’s sister too. Which children’s classic are we talking about?
7. The Third Man is primarily set in which European city?
8. CC Baxter falls in love with Miss Kubelik. Which classic comedy?

Round 10 : The Final Bastard Hard Either-you-know-it-or-you-don’t Round
Too easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy so far? Well, these are difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult. This is the round that separates the men from the sheep.

1. Two films star both Peter Cushing and Dave Prowse. One is Star Wars. What is the other?
2. In A Fistful of Dollars, Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name actually did have a name. What was it?
3. What was the name of Rosemary's Baby?
4. What was the first film to be released on DVD?
5. Only one person has won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. Who? (Clue: It is not Al Gore. Nor is it Sarah Jessica Parker)
6. The star of which actor was stolen from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in 2005, and has never been recovered. (Award yourself 10 extra points if you have it at home.)
7. Which of The Great Escape cast was actually a PoW during WWII?
8. The band Travis are named after a character from which film?

All done? Okay, wipe the meat-sweats from your brow, take a deep drink, a quick breath and pop another mince pie in your gob. Then scroll down for the answers and prepare for the excuses to begin.


The Christmas Round

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
2. Die Hard
3. Gremlins
4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
6. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
7. Batman Returns
8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

In Recent Memory

1. Smaug
2. Dame Judi Dench in Philomena
3. Despicable Me 2
4. Argo
5. Blue is the Warmest Colour
6. Star Trek Into Darkness
7. The Lone Ranger
8. The World's End (completes the trilogy along with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz)

Animal Magic

1. Orang-utan
2. Killer Whale
3. Warthog
4. Donkey
5. Dolphin
6. Leopard
7. Snake (a python if you're being particularly picky)
8. Red Panda

Movie Maths

1. 16 (8 Mile x Two Mules for Sister Sara)
2. 6 (99 Dalmatian puppies – United 93. The other 2 Dalmatians were the mother and father, making 101 in total.)
3. 9 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest + Eight Men Out)
4. 18 (8½ + 9½ Weeks)
5. 20 (Seven Samurai + 13 Assassins)
6. 120 (Ten Things I Hate About You x 12 Monkeys)
7. 4  (Apollo 13District 9)
8. 4 (21 GramsStalag 17).

Movie Connections

1. All played Hamlet in film versions
2. Tina Turner (Singers of theme songs in the four consecutive Bond films A View to A Kill, The Living Daylights, License to Kill, Goldeneye, respectively)
3. The link is Heat (Red Heat, Body Heat, City Heat, White Heat, Beverly Hills Cop theme tune - The Heat is On)
4. They all played Patricia Highsmith's famous character Tom Ripley in film adaptations (in Plein Soleil, The Talented Mr Ripley, Ripley's Game, The American Friend, Ripley Under Ground, respectively)
5. All directed Daniel Day Lewis to Best Actor Oscar (My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln)
6. Tom Cruise starred in adaptations of their novels (War of the Worlds, Interview With The Vampire, The Firm, Jack Reacher)
7. Nightmare on Elm Street: Parts III, IV and V respectively
8. Legacy. The four entries to date in The Bourne series of films.

Movie Quotes

1. Gone With The Wind
2. Cool Hand Luke
3. Psycho
4. Sudden Impact (the fourth Dirty Harry film)
5. The Maltese Falcon
6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
7. Blazing Saddles
8. In Bruges

Movie Stars Moonlighting in Music Videos

1. Chevy Chase
2. Robert Downey Jr
3. Christopher Walken
4. Matt Dillon
5. Gary Oldman
6. Robin Williams
7. Wesley Snipes
8. John Malkovich (will also accept Malkovich Malkovich. Sorry, I mean Hugh Laurie)

Movie Taglines

1. Jaws 2
2. Cobra
3. The Lost Boys
4. Wayne's World
5. The Fly
6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
7. Gladiator
8. Chicken Run

Golden Oldies

1. Way Out West
2. Modern Times
3. Top Hat
4. High Noon
5. Rebecca
6. The Wizard of Oz
7. Vienna
8. The Apartment

The Final Bastard Hard Either-you-know-it-or-you-don’t Round
1. Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell
2. Joe
3. Adrian
4. Twister
5. George Bernard Shaw (Oscar for Pygmalion screenplay, Nobel Prize for Literature)
6. Gregory Peck (James Stewart and Kirk Douglas’ stars were also stolen, but later recovered. Gene Autry also had one of his five stars stolen, but not in 2005)
7. Donald Pleasance, who was imprisoned in Stalag Luft I in 1944
8. Named after Harry Dean Stanton’s character in the film Paris, Texas


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