Take This Waltz (Sarah Polley, 2012)

What's it about? Margot (Michelle Williams) is a vaguely unfulfilled, immature twentysomething whose head get turned by the hunky neighbour Daniel (Luke Kirby) across the road. What effect will this have on her marriage to good-natured Lou (Seth Rogen)?

Is it any good? There's always a risk that indie relationship dramas like this will contain characters you just want to shake some sense into. This is no different, with the rather irritating Margot likely to test the patience and exercise the eye-rolling ability of the viewer. Luckily for Margot, she is played by Williams, a terrific actress who does sterling work in making the character credible, if not likable, and it is she who saves the whole thing from becoming a bit precious and meandering. Despite some moments of artificiality (Daniel's seduction speech? Like, really?) and some contrivances, it captures some honest and natural moments of human (dis)connection, as well as offering some philosophical and existential food for thought if you're not too put off by all the boho pretensions and shabby-chic setting.
Overall, it's an honest, if rather earnest, attempt to portray a gently crumbling relationship and the underlying emotions involved - it reminded me a bit of Like Crazy from last year, which I liked better than this. Although there's more front bottoms on display in this.

I don't trust you. What do others think? It has lovers and haters. Here's a conversation I overheard between a married couple about it.

- That was wonderful!
- That was a pile of balls!
- What!? Could you not see it was a beautiful, clever film about the jumbled emotions we feel in love?
- Me arse! It was utter bilge, made up of cliche and predictability, with horrible up-their-own-ass characters.
- Wrong, wrong, wrong!! They were just real! I've seen other films which portray marital problems, but none in the poetic, delicate manner that this film does. It was so true to real life.
- You're talking out your hole. It bore no relation to real life. When have you ever met  a rickshaw driver? And there was no need for all the urinating and showering. Plus the sex scene felt like an eighties pop video!
- Oh yeah!? Well I like 80s pop videos. And I didn't hear you complaining about all the nudity! You neanderthal!
- Yeah, well, those bits were okay.
- Typical. A wonderful, sensitive film about relationships and all you care about is the tits and arse on display.
- Fancy a shag?
- Yeah, go on then.
- Great. First I'll get rid of this creepy guy eavesdropping on us.
- Yeah, wondered what he was doing hiding behind the curtain.

What does the Fonz think? Take this Waltz with caution

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