Cell 211 (Daniel Monzón, 2009)

What's it about? Juan (Albetro Ammann) is a new prison guard who must pose as a prisoner when he accidentally gets locked in with the inmates when a riot breaks out. Can he keep up the pretence long enough to escape or will the suspicions of the fearsome riot leader Malamadre (Luis Tosar) be aroused?

"Do you like my eyebrows?"

Is it any good? Not bad. It is handicapped somewhat by the fact that the entire film depends on a few contrivances to drive the plot along, whilst the speed at which Juan gets accepted as a trusted aide stretches credibility a bit. However, if you can live with that, it's a serviceable thriller with some tense moments as Juan's real identity threatens to be uncovered, and it has a commendably unsentimental tone to it all. Performance-wise, Ammann is fine in the lead, but it is Tosar who really impresses, not least with his magnificent eyebrows which are truly a thing of wonder. Groucho Marx would be proud.

Anything else I should know? Any film billed as 'Die Hard meets A Prophet' was always likely to register on the remake radar and, sure enough, a Hollywood version is in the works, with Paul Haggis (director of Crash) attached. I bet you a million dollars they change the ending.

What does the Fonz think? Okay, but not enough Jailhouse Rock.

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