Troll Hunter (André Øvredal, 2010)

What's it about? A group of Norwegian student film-makers want to interview a reclusive hunter for their documentary about bear poaching. But he's not hunting bears. Can you guess what he is hunting instead? Trip-trapping over bridges ensues.

Is it any good? Pretty good fun and an enjoyable watch. It's one of those 'found footage' hand-held camera films, which purports to be real, so you'll either (a) buy into it (b) suffer motion sickness or (c) wonder why they don't just put the camera down when they're running for their lives. However, it's all done rather well and with tongue firmly in cheek, even though it's all played straight by the cast. It's never really that scary, with the impressively realised trolls endearing, rather than frightening, but the script smartly works in the various troll fairy tales and myths to hilarious effect. A billy goat even turned up at one point, much to my delight. It also straight-facedly 'reveals' tell-tale signs of troll activity, as well as the secret measures put in place by the authorities to regulate them, with some amusingly credible explanations. Next time you're out for a walk, you might remark that those electricity pylon networks do look a lot like fences.

Anything else I should know? And your time for most troll puns in a review starts...........NOW!  "Trolls exist? Nor-way!" "Rock'n'Troll!" "You gotta troll with it" "A trolling film gathers no gloss" "Treat yourself to some tRolled gOats" "Trolling back the years" "Trolls, you stand accused of the murder of Nanna Birk Larsen".Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Time's up. Pathetic.

What does the Fonz think? Well worth hunting it down.

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