Life in a Day (Kevin Macdonald, 2011)

What's it about? A crowdsourced documentary in which people across the world were invited to film what they did on 24th July 2010. They uploaded their videoclips to You Tube, whereupon director Macdonald and his team edited over 4,500 hours of footage into a 90 minute snapshot of life in a day on Earth.

Is it any good? A really cool idea has resulted in an interesting experiment of a film. Watching it might make you feel happy, sad, moved, lucky, awed, angry or maybe just bored. As the day progresses from morning to night, some individuals get barely a second of film time, whereas others get their moment in the limelight, such as the Korean who has spent 10 years cycling round the world or the lady recovering from an operation. You might consider it a landmark social-media film, or you might despair at this extra addition to the social networking phenomenon and perhaps inevitably, the film is biased towards the developed World and those with access to technology. Still, it's a fascinating time capsule of a film and one that will probably make you feel connected to your fellow man, if only for a brief while.

Anything else I should know? You can watch the whole film on You Tube here.

What does the Fonz think? Life in a Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

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