Bambi (Hand et al, 1942)

What's it about? You really need reminding? Okay, Bambi's a baby deer, who loves his mother and enjoys playing with his friends Faline (another fawn), Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk. But when fate strikes a cruel blow, Bambi must face up to the harsh reality of life in a world where Man also lives.

He may look cute, but don't be
fooled! It's horrific stuff!
Is it any good? Good God, this film is nothing but wall-to-wall sex, violence and death! Seriously! It's like watching a video nasty or something! The animals are all obsessed with mating (or 'twitterpating' as they coyly term it), Flower clearly has an unrequited gay crush on the oblivious Bambi, Bambi ends up fighting deers and dogs like some macho lout down the pub, and of course we have THAT moment when Bambi's mother......well, watch for yourself, if you dare. All this in a U certificate family film! Should be banned. Think i'll introduce the word 'twitterpating' into my vocabularly, though, when in conversation with the laydeez.

Anything else I should know? SPOLIERS AHEAD. Naturally, the death of Bambi's mother looms large in the memories of people who have seen it, so it is surprising to find how late in the film it occurs and how little time it actually takes up. To this day people swear they remember seeing her shot, bleeding to death in the snow, even though it all happens offscreen (we only hear the shot ring out). It is a tribute to the film-makers that the scene has such an impact, and child psychologists still argue back-and-forth about the benefits / dangers (delete as appropriate) of showing it to young children since it will be character-building / scar them for life (delete as appropriate). If you do watch it with a child, be prepared for some tough questions and have some educational / cowardly (delete as appropriate) answers to hand. For my money, it's the line 'We made it, Mother' at the end of the chase that makes it worse, as it fools the audience into relaxing, happy that they have escaped. Only then does Bambi turn around to find he is alone........honestly, what kind of sadistic madman makes a film like this?!

What does the Fonz think? Listed as one of Time Magazine's Top 25 Horror Movies. Deer God!

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