A Town Called Panic (Aubier & Patar, 2009)

What's it about? Pay attention, now, because this gets a bit mad. Cowboy, Indian and Horse are three plastic toys who share a house. Cowboy and Indian decide to buy Horse a barbeque for his birthday, but instead of ordering 50 bricks online to build it, they accidentally order 50 million instead. Whilst they decide what to do with them, a gang of aquatic creatures from the depths of their neighbour's pond emerge to steal the bricks, so the trio head off in pursuit, encountering mad scientists, a mechanical snowball-throwing penguin and a mammoth along the way. And all of this is badly disrupting Horse's piano playing lessons.

Is it any good? A bit like Charlie Sheen - so mental you can't help laughing. The plot is like that game at school where different people take turns to add bits to a story, with the result that it makes about as much sense as a bottle of chips. But the free-wheeling make-it-up-as-you-go nature means it's certainly not predictable, whilst the crude stop-motion animation and excitable characters have an undeniable charm. Probably best watched drunk.

Anything else I should know? Based on the cult Belgian TV series of the same name - you can view the various episodes here. UK readers will have already been exposed to similar characters Cow, Pirate and Cyclist in those slightly mad TV ads for Cravendale milk, made by the same animation team.

What does the Fonz think? Utterly mad. But funny.

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