There Will Be Blood (PT Anderson, 2008)

What's it about? Set in the early 1900s, Daniel Day-Lewis plays a ruthless oilman whose quest for wealth brings him into conflict with pious, oily preacher Paul Dano over the ownership of some crucial land.

Is it any good? An epic, uneasy viewing experience which gets under your skin from the very first moments. Day-Lewis commands the screen throughout, bristling with barely suppressed rage and hatred, making you fearful for anyone that come into contact with him, a performance which duly earned him his second Best Actor Oscar. Equally unnerving in a quieter way is his nemesis Dano and every time these two face up to each other it makes for a truly gripping confrontation. Add in the unsettling, discordant score from Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and you have something which borders on becoming a horror movie at times. Only in the final scene does it lose its way slightly, stretching credibility and becoming a little overblown. However, that is only a slight misstep in a compelling and bleak vision about greed, hatred and obsession.

I don't trust you. What others think? Hailed as one of the great American films, as well as a great film about America, and for many critics the best film of the 2000s

Anything else I should know? People seem particularly taken with the 'I drink your milkshake' scene, with any number of homages (see Exhibits A and B below) and piss-takes available online like this one, set to Kelis' song Milkshake.

Exhibit A                                          Exhibit B

What does the Fonz think? There Will Be Two Thumbs.

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