Monster House (Gil Kenan, 2006)

What's it about? 12-year-old DJ is obssessed with spying on his neighbour, a cranky old man who confiscates any toys landing in his garden. After he accidentally hospitalises the old man, his house starts acting strangely, leading DJ and his friends Jenny and Chowder to suspect it is actually haunted. Of course, no one will believe them, so they must face its terrors themselves.

Is it any good? A thoroughly entertaining throwback to 80s fare such as Gremlins and The 'burbs. The script is funny, featuring several laugh-out-loud jokes ('Oh, so it's a girl house'), the animation is inventive, the characters endearing and there's some nice creepy moments as well. Not just a very good animated film, but one of the best horror-comedies of recent years.

Anything else I should know? It's one of those performance capture films, in which actors' movements are subsequently animated over. As a result, the characters have a real/unreal quality which distinguishes them from entirely CG animated characters.

What does the Fonz think? Monster fun.

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