Top 10 Movie Chases (not including cars)

Chase scenes without cars, eh? Cornerstone of any good movie.
Here's 10 of the best.

1. Stagecoach
Horses & stagecoach barrel along at breakneck speed, which didn’t stop stuntman Yakima Canutt performing one of the most celebrated stunts in cinema history as he leaps from horse to horse centimetres from the ground.

2. The Great Escape
Steve McQueen evades the entire German army on a motorbike. So cool, he doesn’t even need a disguise. Damn that barbed wire fence!

3. Ben-Hur
Horses? Motorbikes? Pah! Try chariots for a real thrill-ride

4. The Wrong Trousers
A plasticine dog chases a plasticine penguin on plasticine toy trains - what's not to like? Watch it here

5. Face/Off
Speedboats! Slow-motion! John Travolta's chin! Yeah! Watch it here

6. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
If the price of petrol continues to rise, we’ll all be nomadic savages driving armour-plated, weaponised, supercharged hot-rod jalopies in hot pursuit of oil tankers. Could be fun.

7. Point Break
Keanu Reeves disdains the use of a car, continues on foot. Watch out for that dog!

8. Terminator 2:Judgment Day 
Eschewing any conventional means of assassination, the evil T1000 terminator hijacks a truck and chases John Connor on his crappy motorbike down an LA storm drain, followed by a shotgun-twirling Arnold Schwarzeneggar on a Harley Davidson. Mad as a bag of spanners, but still damn cool. Watch it here

9. The Spy Who Loved Me
In time-honoured fashion, James Bond polishes off a bunch of bad guys, this time whilst being chased down a mountain on skis, before zooming off a cliff-edge and parachuting to safety. Same thing happened to me once. 

10. Monsters, Inc
The inventive, action-packed door-chase! The pick of the Pixar action sequences.

Gotta run! What's that? You want cars? Lucky I prepared this earlier: Top 10 Movie Car Chases

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  1. Hi, your link for the Wallace and Gromit train chase is NFG. There ARE 2 min. and 7 min. excerpts from The Wrong Trousers watchable on YouTube.