Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)

What's it about? No plot to speak of. Just a succession of dream-like images, inspired by childhood memories, which has been compared to the stream-of-consciousness technique in writing.

Is it any good? Stream-of-consciousness? Stream of gibberish, more like. Oh, there's some nice imagery here and there, alright, and it was probably a very personal project for Tarkovsky himself, but a few pretty pictures can't compensate for a lack of logic, plot or anything even vaguely interesting.

I don't trust you. what do others think? Lots of love for it amongst film theorists and cineastes. But perhaps the most telling commentary comes from Tarkovsky himself, who said "There are no entertaining moments in the film". Well at least he got that right. 

Anything else I should know? I guess my personal opinion should be no reflection on what others think. Reflection? Mirror? See what I did there?

What does the Fonz think? This is one mirror I won't be looking in again.

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