Looking for Eric (Ken Loach, 2009)

"Okay, let's see your best seagull impression"

What's it about? Football fanatic Eric's (Steve Evets) life is in mess. However, help is on hand in the unlikely form of his hero Eric Cantona (er...Eric Cantona), who appears to him in visions to dispense sage advice and guidance.

Is it any good? A good-natured comedy-drama, which utilises its central premise to good effect. The rather unlikely gangster sub-plot threatens to throw away a good lead, but the winning cast, and particularly the Man of the Match Evets, do enough to hold on for a good result.

I don't trust you. What do others think? Everyone was quite taken with the change of tack from Ken Loach, who's usually a miserable bugger. 84% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What does the Fonz think? More entertaining than a lot of Premier League matches.

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